What’s up Smart Homers?!

My name’s Aaron. In 2017 I bought my first Google Home Mini, and I bought my first Tuya smart plugs soon after. This was the inception of my never-ending quest to automate everything in my house.

I’m a mechanical engineer by trade, but I can’t seen to get my hands off of electronics! I love that feeling of a successful automation, enjoy seeing what other people have created, and showing others my projects.

My smart home is mainly powered by Home Assistant ever since I switched from SmartThings in the beginning of 2021, and I mainly use Amazon Alexa for a voice assistant. I started YouTube in 2020, but really started dedicating time to it when I switched to Home Assistant. I try to put out videos once a month, and I stay active on Twitter and Reddit to keep up-to-date with different ideas people bring to the table.

I would love to discuss smart home tech with fellow Smart Homers, so feel free to reach out on any social media platforms!

For business inquiries, please reach out to me via email: aaronmakesitwork@gmail.com

I am a believer in Jesus Christ!